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Should I have a different investment strategy depending on the amount? Would you invest differently if you had 1k, 10k or 25k to invest?

The investment strategy may differ depending on the goal (i.e. if there is a particular goal you are trying to achieve with the investments: buying a property in 5 years, saving for children in 10 years, going on vacation in 1 year). Usually, the nature of your goal (expected timeline, liquidity constraints, etc.) and your risk profile will determine your investment strategy (a portion of the portfolio you are planning to allocate to equity funds, fixed income, cash/equivalents, alternative assets/etc.).But for the purpose of this question, considering all else equal, the amount of the money would not affect your strategy. While not affecting the investment strategy, the amount might dictate the choice of account in two ways: 1) taxes - usually the industry practice is to maximise your Stock and Shares ISA allocation (allowance is £20,000/year) first before putting money into General Investment Account (GIA); 2) FSCS protection for investments >£85,000 - The FSCS protects deposits of up to £85,000 made with banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, you might want to spread investments across different providers to make sure the full amount is protected