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Beta support - known bugs

Hi Claro Champions!

This channel is to highlight any known bugs with the Claro App. If you do spot anything that isn’t listed here, we would appreciate if you could email

We’ve split everything out by sections of the app below!

Spending bugs:
These are related to the spending analysis feature of the app:

  • Users cannot currently re-categorize their transactions or categorize “Uncategorised” transactions. E.g. if you would like to change Tesco from being categorized as “Groceries” to “Health” instead, you cannot do so at the moment. This feature will become available soon.
  • Some users may see inflated figures in their Spending Analysis if they have transferred money between their own accounts, which results in double counting and hence inflated totals. We are working on handling this to make your Spending Analysis clean and accurate.

This is a list of known bugs we’ve seen in the Planning section of the app:

  • After booking a call with one of our financial coaches in the app, users are asked to fill out a financial questionnaire. In this questionnaire, users currently cannot select “Add a partner” to document their partner’s financial information. For now, if you would to add your partner’s information, please combine your and your partner’s financial information while filling out the questionnaire.
  • After your goal is “live” (i.e. you have paid into the goal), you cannot currently change the goal target date to below 3 years if it was previously above 3 years. If you still really need to change the goal length, please reach out to Claro support.
  • To withdraw from or delete a live goal, please contact Claro support. We are working making this feature available on the app soon.
  • After making a payment, the value of your goal will say £0. This is because it will take 24-48hrs for us to process this payment and update the value of your goal. We are working on making this transit state more clear for you.
  • When creating a new goal, users must enter an amount for the optional question of “How much would you like to contribute monthly” in order to proceed. We are working on making this question actually optional so you can proceed without entering an amount. Note that you can always edit this amount before making a payment.

This is a list of known bugs we’ve seen in the Home section of the app:

  • The number of total “Uncategorised” transactions this month is incorrect at the bottom of the Home screen. We are working on correcting the number.